About our Working Permit Applications

  • Requirements for Applicants:

    An employment certificate or permit should be issued to any qualified applicant who is between twelve and eighteen years of age. Certificates are valid for a period of two years (age 12/13, 14/15, 16/17). Employment certificates and permits are no longer required once the student turns 18. Minors can apply for the working papers through the PV High School Counseling Office. The applicant does not need to have a job, nor does the school need to know by whom the applicant is to be employed.

    Directions to Complete the Application:

    The following information is required in order to obtain the Employment Certificate.

    • Evidence of Age - This must be a birth certificate or driver's license. (we do not have copies of all student birth certificates on file).
    • Parental/Guardian Signature - The parent or guardian must sign the application. When the applicant is applying for a full-time employment certificate, the parent must personally appear at the school to sign the application, unless the applicant is a high school graduate.
    • Certificate of Physical Fitness - The applicant must present a certificate of physical fitness from a school or private physician. The annual school examination, sports examination, or other complete examination could be acceptable for employment purposes if deemed so by the School Nurse. In all cases, the physical exam must have been given within 12 months prior to the application date. Students can see our School Nurse to inquire if we already have proper documentation regarding their physical examination. If this is true, the nurse may be able to sign this document instead of the applicant seeing their physician personally. 

    The applicant (your child) must be present when returning the application because the Employment Certificate must be signed in the presence of the issuing official (PV’s Guidance Secretary).

    The school has the right to revoke certificates and permits for appropriate cause. For example, employment interferes with school attendance or affect’s the minor’s academic progress, if it is discovered that the issuance of the working papers was based on false information, or if employment is affecting the health and welfare of a minor in other ways.
    The Laws Governing the Employment of Minors can be obtained upon request at the PV Guidance Office. You can also find more information about the employment of minors below.
    If you would like to print the documents at home, click the link below. Otherwise, all documents can be obtained in the PV Guidance Office during regular school hours.
    Please call Mrs. Chase, our High School Counseling Office Secretary, if you have any questions.

Last Modified on July 26, 2017