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    See Mrs. Chase if you have questions about the following. Many scholarships require your transcripts and if you get us your completed application a few days in advance of the due date, we can include your transcript with your scholarship applications and mail it for you.
  • DUE 07-02-2018:
    Chautauqua Region Community Foundation- Open 3/1/17

    *** READ THIS FIRST: *** The document link above will provide a complete booklet of all scholarships available through the Foundation; but do not let the document overwhelm you. Read the information below before opening the doc. You do not need to review the whole doc; it is merely here in case you wish to sift through the available scholarships.

    Website:   https://crcfonline.org/providing/scholarships/ 

    Award Amount:    hundreds of awards at various amounts

    Eligibility:   Any college bound senior can apply

    Additional Information:    The Foundation administers numerous scholarships for the Chautauqua Region (hence their name). One completed application by the student will be submitted for all awards in the foundation. You will need to create an online account with the Foundation. There will be many questions on the application which may seem silly but they will use that information to match you up with some very specific scholarships.

    This is a great source of money for you because your one application could earn you multiple scholarships!

    We suggest applying way before the deadline!

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Last Modified on June 8, 2018