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See Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Chase if you have questions about the following. Many scholarships require your transcripts and if you get us your completed application a few days in advance of the due date, we can include your transcript with your scholarship applications and mail it for you.

  • DUE 03-24-2017: Northern Chautauqua Conservation Club Scholarship


       Application deadline:   March 24, 2017 (must be received by committee on this day so mail at least 4 days in advance)

       Award amount:  not specified

       Eligibility:   Must reside in Chautauqua County

       Requirements:   Must complete a 250 word essay on the following topic: “How I practice environmental conservation at home, in my community, and how I will in the future”. Also required: college acceptance letter, teacher recommendation, and personal recommendation.

    Northern Chaut. Conservation Scholarship 2017.pdf 31.35 KB (Last Modified on February 8, 2017)
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  • DUE 03-27-2017: New York Water Environment Association “Western Chapter” Scholarship


       Application deadline:   Postmarked by March 27, 2017

       Application location:   Link below or

       Award amount:  One award each of $1500, $1250, $1000

       Eligibility:   Graduating high school senior who plans to enroll in an environmental related curriculum (such as biology, forestry, chemistry, engineering, water/wastewater treatment, etc.)

       Requirements:   Two reference letters (one from a teacher; one from someone not related to you)

       Transcript Required!    Return completed application to Mrs. Chase 2 days prior to deadline to ensure postmarked by deadline

    NY WEA Western Chapter Scholarship App 2017.pdf 125.80 KB (Last Modified on February 13, 2017)
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  • DUE 03-31-2017: Eighth District Federated Garden Clubs of NY State


       Application deadline:   Must be postmarked between March 15 and March 31, 2017

       Application location:

       Award amount:  $1,000

       Eligibility:  Graduating senior entering a program of study in one of the following: Conservation, Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Land Management, Landscape Design, Wildlife Science, Environmental Science or a related field.

    Garden Club Scholarship 2017.jpg 1.98 MB (Last Modified on February 23, 2017)
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  • DUE 03-31-2017: Wellness All-Star- Independent Health Scholarship


       Application deadline:  March 31, 2017

       Application location:   Online at

       Award amount:   $1,000, plaque & $1,000 to your high school

       Eligibility:   For high school seniors who show an active engagement in his or her own health and wellness, while also encouraging healthier living throughout the community. Student must be able to illustrate what steps he or she has taken to live a healthier life, what he or she is doing to help and inspire others, and the results from his or her efforts.
      Last year's poster is attached; the actual application and information is all online at the address above
    Wellness All Star Info 2016.pdf 198.36 KB (Last Modified on February 5, 2016)
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  • DUE 04-01-2017: Chautauqua County Counselors’ Association Scholarship


       Application deadline:   April 1, 2017

       Award amount:   varies

       Eligibility:   Senior planning to major in a counseling-related (includes education and social work) field in college

       Transcript Required!    Return completed application to guidance before deadline above

    CCCA 2017 scholarship app.docx 12.66 KB (Last Modified on March 9, 2017)
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  • DUE 04-12-2017: Southwestern Association of Volunteer Firemen Scholarship


       Application Deadline:   Return to guidance by April 12 to be mailed by April 15, 2017

       Application Location:   Guidance website link or online at (application available online after 12/1/16). You can still complete the application attached below

       Award amount:   (1) $600 award & (3) $150 awards

       Eligibility:   Applicant must be a member or junior member of the SWAVF or SWAVF Auxiliary or a child or grandchild of a member; and graduating senior entering an institution of higher learning.

       Requirements:    Application, two letters of recommendation, documentation of acceptance to an accredited institution of higher learning, & an essay describing how “Volunteers Make a Difference in Our Community”

    SWAVF 2017.pdf 50.18 KB (Last Modified on November 15, 2016)
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  • DUE 04-15-2017: WNY Safari Club International Scholarship


       Application deadline:   April 15, 2017

       Application location:   Link below or online @   

       Award amount:   $1,500 (up to 4 awards)

       Eligibility:   Graduating seniors with a high level of interest in the environment and outdoor activities. Preference is given to students enrolling in a conservation or wildlife enforcement related field of study at college.

    WNY Safari Club Int. Scholarship 2017.pdf 64.14 KB (Last Modified on February 13, 2017)
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  • DUE 04-21-2017: Heritage Village Rehab & Skilled Nursing Resident Scholarship


       Application deadline:   April 21, 2017

       Application location:   Link below

       Award amount:   $500.00. -Exclusive to students in only three school districts

       Eligibility:   For high school seniors continuing their education in the health care field

       Requirements:   Complete the typed application, obtain 2 letters of recommendation and return completed application to the counseling office

    Heritage Group Scholarship 2017.pdf 96.92 KB (Last Modified on February 28, 2017)
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  • DUE 04-21-2017: Southern Tier Snowdrifters Snowmobile Club Scholarship


       Application deadline:   Return to guidance by April 21 

       Application location:   link below

       Award amount:    $250 (2 available). Only offered to students in 6 school districts = higher odds!

       Eligibility:    Plan to attend college, GPA 78% or higher, community service involvement.

       Submission Directions:   Return ALL applications to Guidance

    Southern Tier Snowdrifters 2017.pdf 1.92 MB (Last Modified on January 18, 2017)
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  • DUE 04-25-2017: Southern Tier Legal Secretaries- Margaret E. Brodine Scholarship


       Application deadline:   Return to guidance by April 25 to be mailed by April 28, 2017

       Award amount:   $400

       Eligibility:  Senior planning on pursuing a business related college major

       Requirements:   Application should be typed and a 100 word paragraph about why you would like to receive this scholarship

    Southern Tier Legal Secretaries 2017.pdf 8.97 KB (Last Modified on February 8, 2017)
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  • DUE 04-26-2017: Chautauqua County Joint Veteran’s Council Scholarship


       Application deadline:   Must be received by May 1st; therefore, mail at least 5 days prior (4/26/17)

       Award amount:   $100 (2 awards available)

       Eligibility:  Applicant must be a descendent of a veteran of the US Armed Forces

    Chaut. Co. Joint Veterans Council Scholarship 2017.pdf 1.58 MB (Last Modified on February 23, 2017)
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  • DUE 04-26-2017: Far WNY School Nurse Network Scholarship


       Application deadline:   April 27, 2017 (must be postmarked by this date- therefore, return your completed application to PV Counseling office no later than April 26th)

       Award amount:   $250

       Eligibility:   Seniors accepted to a school of nursing pursuing an Associates Degree, Diploma, or a Baccalaureate program

       Transcript Required!    Return completed application to guidance office

    Far WNY Nsg Scholarship App 2017.pdf 64.66 KB (Last Modified on Tuesday at 11:40 AM)
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  • DUE 05-04-17: American Legion's Past National Commander Michael J. Kogutek Scholarship


       Application deadline:   Return to guidance no later than May 4 to be postmarked by May 5, 2016 deadline

       Application location:   Guidance office or PV Website link

       Award amount:   $1,500 (2 awards available)

       Eligibility:   Scholarship is intended to assist Veterans, their families, and patriotic students who share the ideals of the American Legion. Awarded based on veteran status (including family members), financial need, scholastic ability, realistic goals, extra-curricular activities and community involvement.

       Requirements:  College acceptance letter, application, essay & 2 letters of recommendation.

      Transcript Required!   Return completed application to guidance

    Am Legion Kogut Scholarship 2017.pdf 4.51 MB (Last Modified on February 23, 2017)
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  • DUE 05-06-2017: Chautauqua Fallen Heroes Fund Scholarship


       Application deadline:   May 6, 2017

       Application location:   Guidance Office or PV Website link

       Award amount:    (2) $500 awards

       Eligibility:    Any graduating senior pursuing education in one of the following areas: Law Enforcement, Firefighting, or Emergency Medical Services.

       Submission directions: Return completed application to guidance. 

    Chaut. Fallen Heroes 2017.pdf 127.96 KB (Last Modified on January 18, 2017)
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  • DUE 05-06-2017: Thomas L. Barresi Memorial Scholarship


       Application deadline:   May 6, 2017

       Application location:    Guidance office or PV Website link

       Award amount:    unknown

       Eligibility:   Pursuing a degree in elementary education or business, accepted at a college within Chautauqua County, active in community, enthusiasm for life, leadership qualities and positive influence on peers.

       Additional information:    Only open to students in select school districts (PV is one); therefore, the winner is selected from a smaller pool of applicants.

       Submission directions:    Return completed application to guidance. 

    Thomas L. Barresi Mem Scholarship 2017.pdf 205.88 KB (Last Modified on January 18, 2017)
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  • DUE 05-07-2017: Pine Valley Boosters Club


       Application deadline:   May 5, 2017

       Award amount:   Unknown at this time. Exclusive to PV students

       Eligibility:   Any college bound senior who has been involved in PV activities

      Note:   Document attached is a word document in case you wish to type directly into the application.

    PV Boosters- application 2017.docx 12.44 KB (Last Modified on Wednesday at 7:59 AM)
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  • DUE 06-01-2017: Chautauqua County Veterinary Medical Society Scholarship


       Application deadline: June 1, 2017 (mail by 5/26/17)

       Application location: Online at

       Award amount: Unknown

       Eligibility: For students who are pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. Applicant must be enrolled in a veterinary college.

       Requirements: Complete application, essay, and transcript.

       Transcript Required! Return your completed application to guidance by May 26 to be mailed by the deadline.

    Chaut County Veterinary Medical Society 2017.pdf 59.90 KB (Last Modified on January 12, 2017)
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  • DUE: 06-01-2017- Chautauqua Region Community Foundation- Open 3/1/17


    Application deadline:   June 1, 2017

    Application location:   online at  (attachment below is a poster only)

    Award amount:   As per scholarship – numerous scholarships

    Eligibility:   Any college bound senior can apply

    Additional information:    The Foundation administers numerous scholarships in many areas. A completed application applies for the majority of the scholarships available. If there is a special application, it is stated in the description of the scholarship.

    You will need to create an account on their website in order to complete the application. There will be many questions on the application that may seem silly, but they will use that info to match you up with very specific scholarships. This is a great source of money for you; one application applies you to hundreds of scholarships!

    CRCF Poster 2017.jpg 93.27 KB (Last Modified on Wednesday at 11:34 AM)
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