Scholarship Opportunities

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    Notifying Students of Opportunities

    The Counseling Office sends notice of available scholarships to all seniors via their school email account. Students are strongly encouraged to check their email daily for various reasons in addition to scholarship opportunities. 

    Academic Transcript Needs

    Any scholarship application, which requires an academic transcript, can be turned in to Mrs. Chase after completion. We will attach the transcript and mail all applications in at once. To ensure applications are mailed in time, please return them two days prior to the deadline.

    We cannot hand out transcripts to students. Scholarship committees almost always want an official transcript with the school seal on it. These transcripts must be mailed directly from the school and must remain in a sealed envelope until the committees review applications.

    Pine Valley Community Sponsored Scholarships

    Between April and June, we will have many scholarships that are sponsored by the Pine Valley Community. A handful of scholarships require student applications. These scholarships only go to Pine Valley graduates and we encourage anyone eligible to apply. Notices will be distributed to students as they become available.

    Other scholarships are those that require Pine Valley Teachers and Administration to nominate or vote for the winners. These scholarship winners are chosen based on many different categories and criteria from school spirit, to most involved, to a student who has worked to the best of their ability.

Last Modified on July 29, 2020