• 5th Grade Music

    By the end of 5th Grade, students will be able to:


    ·         Listen for nuances in a composition, and detect with some degree of accuracy the musical elements at work.

    ·         Play/sing a simple tune, using the major scale, from memory and from sheet music.

    ·         Differentiate between major and minor tonalities.

    ·         Recognize a variety of forms in music, and what styles are associated with those musical forms.

    ·         Play from notation, a variety of rhythms using whole, half, quarter and eighth notes.

    ·         Understand simple and compound meter.

    ·         Understand cultural influences within specific genres of music throughout American history

    ·         Correctly indicate families of musical instruments

    ·         Use technology to create, edit and publish music of others and their own.

    ·         Play alone and with others, using at least one recreational instrument.


    The emphasis on this general music classroom will be on actively participating in a musical setting.  Much of the assessments will be project based, both individual and group work.  Students will be focusing on American music, as it pertains to their social studies curriculum, and resources will be sought out using the library time directly before or after their general music lesson.


    Term I:           Bucket Drumming

    The joys of banging on the buckets!


    Term II:         The Baroque / Classical Era

    At the time of European exploration of America, Bach and Handel were working for the powers-that-be in Austria and Germany.  By the time of the Revolutionary War, Mozart, Haydn and others were the major composers of the Classical period.

    The expansion of the orchestra, and the tonal language used within those symphonic works will be recreated in the classroom.  Students will construct and play their own thumb pianos.


    Term III:        Origins of Patriotic Music

    Many of the melodies we know as patriotic songs were borrowed from a variety of sources.  Our National Anthem began as a poem and was later added to a melody already well known.  Students will, using a variety of resources available to them, will create and perform their own patriotic song.


    Term IV:        Performance Project (comprehensive from Terms I – III)

    Using the resources available to them, the students will on their own and/or in groups create a music project that incorporates many of the elements discussed throughout the year.  

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