Distant Learning Activities

  • Currently we will be REMOTE on Friday's until further notice.  We have come up with activities that you can participate in on Friday's (or over the weekend)
    Please return the back or the completed activities on Monday for full credit. 

    Virtual Friday Activities:

    Friday 9/18 Activity Choices


    Spring Virtual Activities below

    Weeks:  3/23 -4/3

        :Distant Learning Activities

        :Activity Health Heart Challenge

    Week: 4/6 - 4/10


    Week: 4/13 - 4/17 (Spring Break Week)


    Week: 4/20 - 4/24


    Week: 4/27 - 5/1


     Week: 5/4 - 5/8


    Week: 5/11 - 5/15


    Week: 5/18 - 5/22      Includes VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS!!!


    Week: 5/26 - 5/29 


    Physical Fitness and activity time is essential to maintain good health.  Please try to stay active at least 30 minutes a day, 60 minutes would be even better.  

    Please continue to share the activities and things you have already done with me via email: Losinski@pval.org OR check out some of the above week activities on my twitter page: @MrsO_PV_PE 

    I can't wait to see all of you back in the gym soon!  Until then, be safe, stay health, exercise and BE KIND to others including your parents and family!




Yoga & Food Friday Links

Yoga Pose-Creek