• With our current model for the school year, every Friday your child will be working from home. 
    We will be providing Physical Activities or Health Activities for your child to do while at home. 
    Students will have 2-3 choices of activities to particpate in.  Particpate in 1 or 3, it is up to you. 
    Please have a parent sign and return to school with your child on Monday for full credit.  

    I am available all day Friday and have dedicated between the hours of 11am and 1 pm as time where I am available to talk and discuss any question you may have. 
    Please contact me via school email (losinski@pval.org)  or call the elementary school main office to be connected with me.  

    Thank you for working with us through unprecidented time in the school year. 

    Choice activities can be found below

    Friday 9/11