• Reading Counts

    Reading Counts is a computerized program that allows students to take reading comprehension quizzes on book that they have read. 

    The research shows:

    • Reading achievement is positively related to the amount of time students spend reading.
    • Students develop vocabulary and concept knowledge through extensive reading.
    • The best way to strengthen reading skills and foster the reading habit is to see that students get reading practice with books that are carefully selected and matched to their reading level and interests.
    • Motivation is essential for maintaining students" sustained attention to reading.
    • To build comprehension skills, students should read widely, respond to questions, and talk about what they"ve read.
    • Helping struggling readers requires a supportive literacy environment as part of a carefully planned intervention program.
    • Families and communities have an important role in helping students become successful readers.
    • Assessment and evaluation are necessary to monitor student progress and adjust instruction.

    Scholastic. (2008).  Research and Validation. Retrieved from Scholastic Reading Counts Web site:           http://mediaroom.scholastic.com/node/126

    Pine Valley Central School's Reading Counts Link:  
    We currently subscribe to the newest version of Reading Counts.  This gives our district access to all quizzes that are available through Scholastic's Reading Counts program and we also receive monthly updates.  The easiest way to find out if a book has a Reading Counts quiz is through the Scholastic website.  Please click the link below to search the database.                                                      


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