Mrs. Lisa Kelley - Elementary Reading Specialist

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    Kindergarten - 6th Grade

    Grade 5 & 6 Reading Counts incentives
    Grades 5 & 6 Book-It
    District Reading Counts Program 
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    5th & 6th Grade Reading Counts Information:
    Fifth and sixth graders are responsible for reading 25 grade appropriate books during the 2019-2020 school year.  Once a student reads the book, he/she is then responsible for passing a ten question question computerized comprehension quiz on the book.  Students must answer at least seven out of ten questions correctly to receive credit for the book.  Each quiz may be taken up to three times to receive a passing grade.  In order to encourage students to complete the 25 books, students receive a prize for every five books that they pass.  The number of prizes that can be earned are unlimited.  To be on track for completing their 25 book requirement, fifth and sixth graders should have 7 books by the end of the first quarter, November 1, 2019.  Thirteen books are needed by the end of the second quarter, January 24, 2020.  Nineteen books are needed by the end of the third quarter, April 3, 2020. Twenty-five books need to be completed around the middle of May to participate in the Reading Counts celebration. This date will be solidified as the date of the party approaches. I routinely check every child's Reading Counts account to ensure all books are grade appropriate and remove any books that are not.