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Looking for a Good Super Bowl Recipe?

Looking for a good, Taste-Tested recipe for your Super Bowl Party?  Students in Mrs. Fleischmann's class put their cooking and tasting skills to the test to create some delicious Pizza Baked Potatoes!

Using a Recipe from BBC's Good Food Website, these students prepped, cooked, baked, and enjoyed this wonderful and filling delight.  

Please watch the video below to see how the went through the process and had some amazing fun!

Video Presentation


Students:  Thomas Silleman, Andrea Post, and Hunter Colvin


Teacher:  Mrs. Lois Fleischmann

Support Staff:  Mrs. Daphne Cortright and Mrs. Marsha Smith


Hunter Colvin cutting Basil for the recipe.    Andrea Post preparing tomatoes for the recipe.

Thomas Silleman cooking garlic and onions for our meal. Mrs. Fleischmann prepping the toppings.