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Careers on Wheels Career Fair

CFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFThe Counseling Department hosted the first Careers on Wheels Career Fair for our students Kindergarten through 12th grade! The fair included 8 professional businesses that volunteered their time to present their career paths to each grade level. The students were able to explore careers in electrical services with Rodney Hayes, mechanical and construction services with Lakeshore Paving, police/correctional services with the Chautauqua County Sherriff's Department, personal training and music entertainment services with DJ Macy Paradise, CDL and delivery services with FedEx, construction management services with Campus Construction Management, and the Army and National Guard Military services.
Students rotated to each station to listen and interact with each presenter and the materials they brought for a hands-on experience. Many of the professionals allow for the students to see or operate some of the components of the vehicles, such as the sirens on the police vehicle. This interactive experience had the intent to allow students to explore different careers and begin gathering information on ones that they may be interested in pursuing in the future. Our goal, as a district, is to create the opportunities, like Careers On Wheels, to motivate students to think about their success in future endeavors and that it's never too early to start exploring what they are capable of!