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Cornell Cup 2023

Pine Valley students took on the teachers in the infamous Cornell Cup match! The tradition started back in the '70s when the Sabres joined the NHL, and there was a bout of "hockey fever" at Pine Valley. Brought back several years ago by Mr. Westlund, the game gets its name from the original Cornell cow judging trophy and business administrator at the time Mr. Cornell Beach.
Traditionally, the teachers have won all but one legendary match, and today was no different. Molly Sunick kicked off the game with the National Anthem and Mr. Westlund sang the Canadian national anthem. The crowds cheered when the students' team, the Puck Daddies, made their three goals, and both teams were encouraged by the band. The final score after three periods was 13-3 in favor of the teachers' team, the Sharks.
It was a great game and a great way to head into Spring Break!
cornell cup goal