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The Buffalo Zoo Zooms to Pine Valley

Students from 3rd grade classes of Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Lyndsley are going on a field trip to the Buffalo Zoo.  Before they go, however, they have some assignments to do!  Through a video feed (via Erie 2 BOCES Distance Learning program) the students were able to meet some of the Animal Keepers from the Buffalo Zoo.    The Zoo staff gave the students some projects to work on for each animal they learned about.    For example, the students will be making freezer snacks for the Arctic Foxes to munch on to keep them cool as the summer gets warmer.  The animals that these students focused on were:  Chinchilla, Arctic Fox, and Box Turtle.   If you know a Pine Valley 3rd Grader, ask them about these animals and see if they can tell you all about it.

Students Watching Arctic Fox Via Distance Learning   

Students Talking with Buffalo Zoo Education Specialist


Video of DL Zoo