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Making the Most of Summer

Students in our Summer Programs are keeping their minds sharp and enhancing their skills over the summer months. 

Elementary students are focusing on hands-on learning and STEM activities that are fun and engaging, but also flex their creative muscles. 

During their Rigamig project, students worked together to design and build their very own creations.

Building a Rigamig

They also designed and built boats and then had a contest to see which one could float the longest and the travel the fastest. 

Students showing off the boats they built

To strengthen reading and math skills, Summer Enrichment students also participated in a quilting project where they followed instructions to sew a quilted pillow.

Showing off quilted pillow

To keep learning fun and engaging, teachers are getting creative with some of the summer actvities. To strengthen reading skills, students were given a literacy board game so they can play and learn at the same time! 

Playing Literacy Board Game