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Creating Augmented Reality with Cospaces and Merge Cube

Augmented Reality or AR is a newer technology with lots of learning and engagment possibilites for educators and students.  Augmented Reality is a way for technology to interact with our real world.  For example.  Have you ever watched a football game and there is a line across the field showing where there first down is?  That is AR.  The line is not their in the real world, but there using todays technology.  

With that definition in mind, students in Mrs. Lewis' summer school club have been creating Augmented Reality creations using a program called CoSpaces and Merge Cube.  In a nutshell, the students created digital scenes with CoSpaces, then have the Merge cube interact with the program to move shapes and images around.  See the pictures below for some of the creations and ways this program allows students to use creativity and imagination to ignite learning.

 Students working with Cospaces and Merge Cube  Students showing Mrs. Osinski how to use Merge Cube

Cospaces and Merge Cube
Cospaces and Merge Cube

Students in Mrs. Lewis's enrichment class are using Cospaces and Merge cube to create interactive Augmented Reality projects.