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Halloween Fun

We went all out when celebrating Halloween this year!

Elementary students went trick-or-treating around the school and they participated in a costume parade.

Jr./Sr. High students also joined in on the fun and dressed in costume.

The best part of the day was when the Elementary students went over to the Jr./Sr. High School to trick-or-treat, and the older students handed out the candy! 

It was such a fun day for all!

Elementary students on Halloween

UPK Student Dressed as a Bee

Elementary students trick-or-treating

5th Grader dressed in costume

Kindergarteners Entering the Jr/Sr High School

K-2 Teachers Dressed as Toy Story Characters

Sisters and Pine Valley Students dressed up together

1st Grader dressed as police man

Student dressed as Spiderman

High School students dressed in Halloween costumes

Friends dressed up as candy

Students dressed in Halloween costumes

Jr/Sr High Teachers dressed as emojis