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Yale Student Visits Pine Valley

Yale University student, Wyatt Slugga, visited Pine Valley Central School District to speak to the sophomore and junior classes about his experience attending Yale University. 

He urged students to think big as they being to pursue their college endeavors and also talked about his own personal experience of leaving a small town and rural area to attend Yale. 

Wyatt also provided students with valuable information about the financial aide process, FAFSA forms, tips on how to earn scholarships, and how to sell yourself in a college application. 

Wyatt discussed extracurricular activities on campus and the importance of time managagement at the collegiate level. 

He answered questions from students and staff, and was presented with a Pine Valley t-shirt as a way of saying Thank You for helping Pine Valley students with their college ambitions.  


Wyatt with Pine Valley Guidence COunselors and Jr/Sr High Principal

Wyatt Slugga speaking with Principal Joshua Tedone, Counselor Shane Gallivan, and a student

Students listening to Yale University student Wyatt Slugga

Yale Student urging Pine Valley students to think big about college

Yale student Wyatt Slugga receiving Pine Valley t-shirt