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CCSBA Honors Chase As 2022 School Board Member of the Year

SOUTH DAYTON --- Jeffrey Chase, president of the Pine Valley Central School Board of Education, was recently recognized as the 2022 School Board Member of the Year by the Chautauqua County School Boards Association. Chase received the award during the CCSBA Honors Night on May 26. 

Chase serves as the Director of Nursing at Heritage Park Rehab and Skilled Nursing and has served on the district’s volunteer governing body for the last 20 years, following in the footsteps of his father, another longtime member of the board. He has served as the board’s president for the last three years, serving as vice president for the five years prior to that. 

“Jeff attends sporting events, musical events, and regularly takes tours of the district’s facilities,” said Pine Valley Superintendent Bryna Moritz, who joined Chase’s colleagues on the board in nominating him for the honor. “He has supported multiple initiatives to help move the district forward and make Pine Valley the best it can be for kids.” 

Among those initiatives, Moritz noted, included the addition of school counselor and social work positions, a three-year-old prekindergarten classroom, an afterschool program, and a competitive contract for teachers. 

“During the peak of the pandemic, Jeff assisted in finding vaccination clinics that staff could attend, and he provided constant information to support the district in the implementation of testing and safety protocols,” she said. 

Chase has also been a consistent advocate for student input in board decisions, advocating for a student representative as an ex-officio member of the board. 

“In addition, Mr. Chase is receptive and often pushes student wants and needs to the forefront of all discussions,” she said. “He will listen and try to address any student concerns.”

“Mr. Chase has faced a number of challenges with grace and determination,” Moritz added. “He continues to face every challenge with a growth mindset and works to make the school better and move the school to be the best it can be.”