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Caitlin Sengbusch

Caitlin Sengbusch serves as the 7-12 art teacher at Pine Valley Junior/Senior High School and is this week’s #PeopleBehindThePanther spotlight! 🐾

Caitlin has worked at Pine Valley for the last four years and said that “working with the students” is the best part of her day.

“Pine Valley is full of amazing fine arts students of all levels and getting to work with them every day is an honor. They inspire me to be a better educator and artist.”

She wants people to know that there “aren’t enough words” to properly express how important art is for everyone and “the magnitude art has on life.”

“‘I can only draw a stick figure,’ is a statement I have heard my whole life and from many,” she said. “This is a completely false statement, art is in all of us, it is finding YOUR way to show it. Often people forget art is a skill that must be practiced, if you gave yourself time, I would bet your perspective would change on how you view art. Changing my student's perspective and/or challenging their idea of art is something important to my art room.”