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Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods


Thursday morning, December 20th, members of the Pine Valley Softball Team met with Ashley Gierszewski, a representative of Dick’s Sporting Goods, at Pine Valley High School to accept a $1000 donation to support the softball program. Gierszewski traveled from Dick’s Sporting Goods in Orchard Park to present the funds on behalf of Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Sports Matter Foundation, dedicated to preserving and promoting youth sports. The $1000 gift received by the Pine Valley Softball Team is part of over $50 million given away in support of youth sports programs nationwide. These funds will be used by Pine Valley High School to purchase much-needed equipment and provide more opportunities for the girls on the team. Students on the team expressed excitement about the donation and appreciate the additional funding that will supplement their program. 

Reporting on the event provided by Savanna Steves 

Photographs by Kaevon Mosley