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  • game night

    In thrid grade there will NOT be "fomal" homework in the form of a worksheet. 

    The current statistics reveal  that the average American family only has about

    37 minutes,a day,  of quality time (time where everyone can spend together

    talking, cuddling, and bonding). I know some families get even less than this

    and of course some get more. - My hope is that instead of worksheets or frustrating

    new methods of mathematic solutions, families will play games that are sent home

    to help strengthen skills students learn in math class.   Please change the game rules as

    you see fit. I've explained to the students that sometimes rules need to change so the game

    works better for them. 


    Week of September 23-

    The Big Z- Point of game is rounding to nearest ten or hundred


Last Modified on September 25, 2019