• Mrs. Lyndsley's Homework Policy


    There is plenty of current research regarding homework.  Some research is favorable towards homework and some research concludes there is no correlation between homework and student success in the elementary school.  As a working mother of 3, I know how busy our lives are after work / school.  In the past, my experience has been that homework causes great stress,  frustration and a negative feeling towards school from students and parents. Grading homework is another challenge- meaning is it a true measure of student success?   Homework should be independent practice.  Therefore, my homework policy is as follows-  

    There will be no worksheets or packets unless specifically requested by parents.  Homework will be practicing math facts, playing math games, and reading books.  Flash cards can be made or purchased and studied at your convenience.  Math games can be made up by you or taken home from our classroom.  They can be as simple as rolling the dice and multiplying. You can monitor the frequency in which you study and play.  After all you can only do what your time allows. Sometimes just talking about math concepts is enough to clarify understanding. 

    In New York, students are expected to be fluent in multiplication facts by the end of third grade (0-10).  Students will be periodically assessed on their memorization / understanding of facts 0-10.  Also, students are expected to enter third grade knowing the sums of all one digit numbers. Fact practice with addition and subtraction will greatly improve math success too. 


    Occasionally, a home project will be sent home.  Home projects are meant as fun and enriching activities that give students the opportunity to show-case what they've learned in class and get the family involved. These projects are displayed in the halls for the school to see.  Perhaps you remember seeing some last year!  :) 


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Last Modified on May 9, 2019