• About Me

    I was born and raised in Westfield, NY, but currently live in Salamanca, NY! My fiancé, Jason, and I have a rescue dog named Lita. Together we have three amazing kids! Two girls, Brianna and Emily, and a boy, Henry. I have a younger brother named James. I love, love, LOVE watching all sorts of movies. Action, comedy, romcom, thrillers and fantasy! I also enjoy working outside in my garden or going for walks. When I was younger, I thought I was going to grow up and be a cast member on Saturday Night Live.  I have done a lot of amazing and exciting things in my life that have led me to becoming a teacher and I would have to say, this is the best adventure I have been on so far!

    Here are some of my favorite things:


    • Color: Midnight Blue
    • Subject: Music
    • Movie(s): Rebecca, A Christmas Carol, The Fifth Element, Sleepless in Seattle
    • Show(s): The Office, Gilmore Girls, Saturday Night Live
    • Book(s): Jane Eyre and the Harry Potter Series.
    • Ice Cream: Hershey’s Cappuccino Crunch
    • Coffee: 100% Columbian with sweet cream
    • Holiday: Thanksgiving
    • Singer(s): A Perfect Circle, Ed Sheeran, Adel, Tracy Chapman, Johnny Cash and so many more!
    • Candies: Chocolate with toffee and sponge candy
    • Flowers: Mums
    • Animals: Ducked Billed Platypus and goats
    • Sports Team: BUFFALO BILLS!!

    Please feel free to contact me via email anytime laddington@pval.org