Grading Policy for Regents Biology

  • Students will receive one grade for each marking period in biology. This grade will be based on 2/3 class grade, and 1/3 lab grade. At the end of the year each of the 4 quarter grades, along with your regents exam grade will be averaged to give you your final grade. If you pass the regents, but do not pass the class, you must repeat the class!
    Class work will be calculated as such: 50% tests, 25% quizzes, and 25% homework.
    Tests: Students will always be given at least 2 days notice before a test.
    If you are not happy and you would like to raise your grade, you may schedule a "correction meeting". During a correction meeting you must answer questions from the test verbally. Depending on how well you answer the questions, I will award up to 1/2 of the percent you lost.  I.E. You received a 40% on a test. You answered all the questions correctly during the correction meeting, you get 30% back (1/2 of 60%-the points you lost). Your grade would now be a 70%.
    Quizzes will not always be announced. They will be a way for me to see if you are doing your reading or paying attention during lecture. They will always be graded.
    Homework will be given 4 days a week, but will usually be short.  Normally, homework will not be given on Friday.
    Students will be required to buy a review book in May to prepare for the Regents exam in June.  Extra credit will be given sparingly upon your request.  Participation will count in your favor. If you're willing to put in the effort, there is no reason that you cannot succeed in Biology.