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Mrs. Cindy Snyder


 My name is Cindy Snyder. Since the Fall of 1999, I have been employed with the Pine Valley Central School District. I have enjoyed working side by side with many of you, first as a teacher's aide, and now as your school librarian.  It has always been a passion and a dream of mine to be a school librarian.

I remember the feeling of excitement that I would experience when the Chautauqua- Cattaraugus Book Mobile came rolling into town. I would be the first one in line, to walk up the stairs of the big book mobile and check out the latest Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy Mysteries. I thought it was the coolest thing on wheels, at the time!

Libraries certainly have changed from those days. The teacher librarian does so much more than sit behind a desk and read stories to the children. Libraries are transforming teaching and learning spaces. The library media centers transform learners into readers, writers, and leaders.  Now, as we live in the digital age, we want our students to keep up to date with the newest technologies to be prepared for life and college. Information and literacy skills are extremely important to the empowerment and academic growth for all students as they become independent thinkers and learners.  

I heard this statement at a conference that resonated deep within me. "A lifetime of inquiry begins with a single moment of wonder."  The teacher librarian provides the students with teaching and learning experiences, so our students can begin to wonder. These teaching and learning activities in the library focus on asking and answering questions: who, what, where, when and why. Students learn how to build upon this new information through research and investigating the topic at hand. These learning experiences can help to create lasting connections that will last a lifetime. 


Please stop by any one of our library media centers; I would love to show you around.


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi



Last Modified on February 28, 2022