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  • Episode 5: The Panther Den with Special Guest Morgan Sandy

    by Coach Buczek Length:

    Senior Morgan Sandy is our special guest for this fun filled episode.  Morgan is currently the starting catcher for the Panther Softball Team.  She will talk to the coaches about her love of sports, her inspirations, and keys to success for the team going into the final stretch of the season.  There may also be some Senior Prom commentary.   Check it out!

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  • Episode 4 The Panther Den with Special Guest: Travis West

    by Coach Buczek Length:

    This week, the Coaches talk to Junior 3rd Baseman-Travis West.  They'll chat with him about his mental preparation for hitting, his favorite color tractor, and favorite emoji!  You'll want to stay tuned to the entire episode.   

    Also Coach Cuthbert will give the weekly run down of scores and players of the week.



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  • Episode 3: Panther Den with Special Guest: Lyric Westlund

    by Chris Buczek Length:

    This week, Coaches Chris Buczek and Jake Cuthbert talk with our Special Guest, Student Athlete, Lyric Westlund.  Lyric is a Senior and this year's class Valedictorian.  She plays pitcher and first base for the Lady Panthers Softball team.  She was also part of numerous musical productions and a 4 sport athlete.  

    Take a listen as Lyric tells us about the goals for this softball season, her keys to successfully balancing school work and her 3 wishes if she meets a Genie.  

    The coaches also discuss this week's sports highlights and athletes of the week.


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  • Episode 2: The Panther Den with Special Guest Ben Westlund

    by Coach Buczek Length:

    This week's guest is Softball Coach and Science Teacher Ben Westlund.  The Panther Hosts ask Coach Westlund about the upcoming season, what it's like coaching his daughter, and so much more.  


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  • Episode 1: The Panther Den with Special Guest Jake Cuthbert

    by Coach Buczek Length:

    Spring sports are a week away, so Coach Buczek brings on his Assistant Baseball Coach and best friend Jake Cuthbert on the program to discuss the upcoming season and more!.  

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  • Listen to Athletic Director and Baseball Coach Chris Buczek (and his loveable Sidekick: Coach Cuthbert) as he talks to the Coaches and Student Athletes to get their inside take on games and sports here at Pine Valley Central. 

    Intro Music by Mr. Roger Chagnon

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    Spring 2021 Guests

    Episode 1:  Coach Jake Cuthbert

    Episode 2:  Coach Ben Westlund

    Episode 3:  Student Athlete, Lyric Westlund

    Episode 4:  Student Athlete, Travis West

    Episode 5:  Student Athlete, Morgan Sandy


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