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    Below is information on how Pine Valley Central School District utilizes these funds. 

    Title I funds are used for salaries for reading specialists, behavior coaches, and social workers (19.6% of wages). It also provides materials, supplies, professional and paraprofessional staff for the elementary summer enrichment program, Mckinney Vento needs, professional development, materials needed for math and ELA instruction, and intervention services.


    Title II funds are used to provide new teacher mentors, social worker (36.4% of wages), professional development opportunities in reading, instructional coaching, and reading intervention, and materials and supplies for professional development opportunities. 


    Title III funds are currently not provided by Pine Valley Central School District. 


    Title IV funds will be used for the salary of the social worker (44% of wages), supplies for the music and arts program, intervention materials for summer programming, STEM materials.


    Title V funds will be used for coverage so that teachers can attend professional development opportunities, training for teachers to support student mental health and deescalation strategies, and PBIS materials and supplies.


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