District Software & Supplemental Information

  • District Software & Supplemental Information

    In the course of complying with its obligations under the law and providing educational services to District residents, the Pine Valley Central School District has entered into agreements with certain third-party contractors. Pursuant to these agreements, third-party contractors may have access to "student data" and/or "teacher or principal data," as those terms are defined by law and regulation.

    Each contract or other written agreement that the District enters into with a third-party contractor where the third-party contractor receives student data or teacher or principal data from the District will include the Parents’ Bill of Rights and the following supplemental information:

    (1) the exclusive purposes for which the data will be used,

    (2) how the contractor will ensure that any subcontractors it uses will abide by data protection and security requirements,

    (3) when the contract expires and what happens to the data at that time,

    (4) if and how an affected party can challenge the accuracy of the data,

    (5) where the data will be stored, and

    (6) the security protections taken to ensure the data will be protected, including whether the data will be encrypted.


     The link below will take you to that information for the listed agreements. We will be updating this list as we gather additional information. 

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Last Modified on June 10, 2024