• 11th Grade US History
    7th Grade Textbook  
    Course Description: US History is a conceptual look at changing American culture, politics, environment and economy. The course’s intent is to help students better understand the themes of history which shaped and continue to impact our lives. The course also challenges the knowledge gained from the World History course and applies that background to America’s perspective of the events during the 17th-21st centuries. The concepts explored in this course will continue to prepare and empower students to make choices as responsible participants in society, as well as get them ready for the New York State social studies Regents exam in June.

    Grading Policy/Explanation: All assignments (assignments, projects, tests, quizzes, etc.) will be graded based on a points system. There is no weighted system/categories for different types of assignments.

    Update 5/13: Students are beginning to wrap up the end of the content, and are currently learning about the 1960's Civil Rights Era. Once complete (at the end of May), they will begin the "Regents Bootcamp" to prepare for the June 18th US History Regents exam.
Last Modified on May 13, 2019