We fill Buckets with PAWS Behavior
Wall of Great Kids
Bucket Display

PBIS and Bucket Filling at Pine Valley Elementary School

  • Working Together as a school comminuty to teach, support, and reinforcce appropriate behavior throughout our school building!!!!



    Pine Valley Elementary school continues to base their PBIS model on the Bucket Filler philosohpy.  We fill buckets when we adhere to PAWS Behavior!!!

    P= Positive Attitude

    A= Act Responsibly

    W= We respect Everyone

    S= Safety First

    Students earn PAWS tickets when they are caught engaging in positive behavior throughout the school.  Their tickets are placed in a bucket and names are randomly selected every Friday.  The student whose name is drawn on Friday becomes our PAWS Bucket Filler of the Week.  Students who earn multiple tickets are recognized and rewarded at the end of each quarter. 



    To encourage and reinforce positive behavior in the specials areas of art, music, gym, and library classes PreK-6 can earn the The Golden Specials Awards every week. 

    Art= The Golden Paint Brush

    Gym= The Golden Whistle

    Library= The Golden Book

    Music= The Golden Emmy

    These awards are hung outside of the winning classrooms for the week and a certificate of recognition is provided. Once a class has eared all four Golden Awards that class is given a party (Pajama party, movie party, pizza party, ice cream party)to celebrate a job well done!



Golden Specials Awards