Services Offered

  •  troubled girlServices Provided by the Elementary School Counselor
    Individual Counseling
    Group Counseling
    Discussion Groups
    Classroom Guidance lessons
    Push-In Services
    Student Observations
    Parent Meetings/Consultation
    Crisis Intervention
    How Does a Child Get to See the Counselor?
    Teacher Referral
    Parent Referral
    CSE Recommendation
    Administrative Referral
    Crisis Intervention

    Referral Procedures:  If you feel your child would benefit from counseling, please contact me at (716) 988-3291 ext: 3322 to discuss your questions and concerns.  A parent/guardian consent form needs to be signed in order for counseling services to begin with your child.  Regular communication with parents is a vital component to the counseling process.  Parents are viewed as partners and can assist by practicing learned skills with their child and reinforcing positive behaviors taught through the counseling process.
      Counseling Groups Offered Throughout the School Year 
    Kindergarten Social Skills Group
    1st Grade Skill Building GroupEmpowering Girls Against Aggression
    This group is for Kindergarten students who need to build social skills and learn to interact more positively with their peers. Students are taught how to make and keep friends, use appropriate behavior, make positive choices, understand their feelings, and play in a respectful manner (share, take turns, respect boundaries, offer and accept help).This group is for 1st grade students who need to build on a variety of skills including social skills, choice making, problem-solving, following directions, and feeling expression.  The group dynamic is important for these children as they learn how to make friends and appropriately interact through the group process. These children learn and practice skills through bibliotherapy (use of books and stories), play therapy (use of toys and games), and role play.
    This is a group for 3rd and 4th grade girls and focuses on relational aggression (gossip, rumor spreading, dirty looks, name calling, note passing, and excluding).  All girls resort to relational aggression at some point in their lives.  It is the means by which girls react to jealousy and anger.  It is also a means for girls to gain power among their peer group and become popular. The problem with relational aggression is that is can hurt friendships and lower self-esteem.  This group empowers girls who have been bullied and those who do the bullying.  They begin to understand the negative impact of relational aggression and how to avoid it in their lives. They learn how to be assertive and how to stand up for themselves without using put downs, sarcasm, or hurtful comments. These skills are vital for young girls, especially as they move on through middle and high school.