• Broadcast 13: Tales from the 6th graders

    by Huestis Length: 5:00

    After a long hiatus, we are back on the air!

    Addison, Annabelle, and Sadie on dogs; Delaney and Ava report on boys; Cole and Wyatt review favorite songs; Brooklynne and Alexis discuss their favorite pooches.

    Stay tuned for new episodes.

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  • Broadcast 12: March happenings

    by Huestis Length: 5:57

    Zander Wolff and Dylan Green are the anchors for this episode and introduce the others giving sports  scores and other news: Nick Ruskowski, Brody Ellis, and Sophia Sheldon are featured.

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  • Broadcast 11: Jokes, reviews, a special performance and sports

    by Huestis Length: 7:32

    This week's WPVS podcast brings you Kendall rodgers and Maddy Ebel opening with some jokes, Kendra Schultz and Hailey Errington giving a review of Annie Jr, and a special performance by Hailey followed by a positive message for all.

    Rounding out the segmant is Nick Ruszkowski with hockey scores, Dylan Green with NFL news, and Brody Ellis and Zander Wolff giving you basketball highlights.

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  • Broadcast 10: News, Sports, Annie Jr., and the Latest Trends

    by Huestis Length: 3:00

    Sophia Sheldon, Dylan Green, Nick Ruszkowski and Kendra Shultz have teamed up to create this week's spectacular podcast!  Dominic Seeley has created our new sign on music.

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  • Broadcast 9: Sports news and Annie Jr.

    by Huestis Length: :33

    This week we have Dylan Green with sports news and Kendra Schultz reporting on the production of Annie Jr.

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  • Broadcast 8: More Sports November 19

    by Huestis Length: :35

    Dylan Green has teamed up with Nick Ruszkowski to bring this segment to you, complete with the results of five NFL games from Sunday and accompanying music arranged by Nick and Dylan.

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  • Broadcast 7: Sports news November 14

    by Huestis Length: :25

    Sports Reporter Dylan Green is expanding his reports to include some more football gamesf rom around the league.  He is also working with creating a music bed to accompany his segment.

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  • Broadcast 6: Sports News

    by Huestis Length: :20

    Anchor Dylan Green will be bringing us sports news every week.

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  • Broadcast 5: Halloween Soundtracks Part 2

    by Huestis Length: 5:50

    Announcers Dylan Green, Brody Ellis and Haily Errington bring you to rest of the 6th grade's Halloween Soundtrack created in music class.

    Performances by:

    Alex Cooper and Trent Ivett

    Alexis Giles

    Danica Farnham

    Freeman Easterly

    Kendall Rogers

    Madison Ebel

    Paige Hohl and Noah Frontuto

    Preston Danner

    Sara Sunick

    Sofia Sheldon

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  • Broadcast 5: Halloween Soundtracks, Part 1

    by Huestis Length: 9:19

    Announcers Lizzie Roland, Cadence Corson and Danica Farnham introduce the 6th graders Halloween Soundtracks projects produced on Garageband in the Music Room 19 Studio.  Performances by:

    Lizzie Roland

    Cadence Corson

    Serafina Joyce

    Maddie Mosher

    Ethan Wicks and Jermey Delcamp

    Brody Ellis

    Danielle West

    Shaelynn Meyers

    Landon Cleveland

    Dylan Green

    Landyn Llewelynn

    Sarah Kruzska, Bell Kerr, Hailey Errington, and Kendra Shultz

    Aidan Doner

    Haley Campos

    Jeffrey Wolf

    Noah Hardy



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  • Broadcast 4: Sofia's puppies

    by Huestis Length: :40

    The sudents are becoming more familiar with the process, and the editing is getting more and more "sof-isticated"--Here's Sofia Sheldon discussing her new puppies.  She learned how to edit her vocal track and we even added some music as a bed to her broadcast!

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  • Broadcast 3: We've changed our name!

    by Huestis Length: :20

     Students have voted to change our call letters to WPVS!  Here are students Hailey Errington, Kendra Shultz, Dylan Green and Nick Ruszkowski signing on under our new call letters. This is due to the fact that there is already a WPVM in Asheville NC, and to be more reflective of the entire school community.

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  • Broadcast 2: The Students Take Over

    by huestis Length: :32

    A trial run with our first broadcasters--6th graders Danica Farnham, Liz Roland, Freeman Easterly and Caleb Kenna with a guitar feature.

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  • The First Broadcast

    by Mr. H Length: 0:30

    Welcome! This is WPVS, Pine Valley's first radio station broadcast. Tune in to see who is on the air next!

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Last Modified on March 21, 2022