• Privacy Breach Incident Form

    Parents, eligible students (students who are at least 18 years of age or attending a post-secondary institution at any age), principals, teachers, and employees of an educational agency may file a complaint about a possible breach or improper disclosure of student data and/or protected teacher or principal data. 

    Please use this form if you feel that there has been a breach of your child's PII through Pine Valley CSD, and provide as much information as possible. If you are a district teacher or principal and feel that PII related to APPR information has been breached, please also fill out the form attached. Once we acknowledge receipt, an investigation will commence and Pine Valley CSD will take the necessary precautions to protect PII.

    Findings will be provided to the individual who filed the complaint no more than 60 calendar days from receipt. The district will keep the records of all complaints according to NYS requirements for record retention. 

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