What is the PSAT?!?!

October 18th and 19th, 2024 at 8:00 AM

  • The Preliminary SAT measures critical reading, math and writing skills. You will not have to recall facts from literature, history or science, or complete math formulas, as this test measures your reasoning and critical thinking skills. This test is a good introduction to the SAT, which some colleges require for the admissions process.

    Will it cost me anything?
    • Pine Valley will be paying for every junior to take this test. All it will cost you, the students, is your time and effort.


    What is in it for me?

    • Results from this test will give you feedback about critical thinking skills- as a junior, this will give you time to start working towards improving your skills before the actual college application process
    • Help prepare you for the SAT- think of it as a practice test
    • Enter scholarship competitions with no extra work- seriously, couldn't be easier
    • Start getting ready for college- taking the test gives you free access to My College QuickStart, a personalized online college- and career-planning tool where you can search colleges, explore majors and careers, and get a personalized SAT study plan.
    • Receive information from colleges- sign up to receive free info from colleges to help you decide which colleges to start considering
    Where can I find more information?
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