Pine Valley Veterans of Foreign Wars (1950 – Present)

  • PVCS Veterans Plaque
    Pictured: Dale Snyder with grandchildren Kayce & Kilian Abers
    and High School Principal Paul Mihalko 
    On November 8, 2013, in observance of Veterans’ Day, a plaque with the heading “Pine Valley Central School Veterans of Foreign Wars (1950 – Present)” was donated to the Pine Valley Central High School to honor Pine Valley High School students who served their country during times of war.  The donor, Dale Snyder (Class of 1965-66), chose to show his respect and appreciation to fellow veterans by recognizing them in this manner.  The plaque is prominently displayed in the hallway opposite the high school office.
    Mr. Snyder has a long history with Pine Valley.  His siblings, children and two of his three grandchildren are, or will be, Pine Valley graduates. He was a former Pine Valley bus driver, his wife worked for the school for 35 years and his daughter is a PV elementary education teacher.  A veteran of the Vietnam War, he is a life member of the Cherry Creek VFW Post 2522, the Vietnam Veterans of America Post 865, the Disabled American Veterans Post 47 and the South Dayton American Legion Post 1593.
    A big thank you is extended to Frank Giles, Pat Bromley and Stacy Chase for their efforts in helping to procure and verify names.  Although there are a number of names already on the plaque, it is an ongoing project.  Additional names will be placed on the plaque as they are received and verified.  If you attended Pine Valley High School and are a veteran of a foreign war (from 1950 to present) and your name does not appear, please contact the District Superintendent (988-3293 ext. 3399) or Dale Snyder (296-5364).                                     

Names Listed on the Plaque:

  • Bean, David
    Bennett, Leona
    Blair, Richard
    Bradigan, Thomas
    Burnside, Kenneth
    Cleveland, Richard
    Colburn, Floyd
    Colson, Robert
    Cooper, Robert
    Cortright, Daniel
    Cowan, Christopher
    Crumb, George
    Cullen, Erik
    Cullen, Melvin
    Dorman, Leo
    Elliott, Orlo
    Elliott, Robert
    Ellis, Dylan
    Ellis Jr., Elliott
    Ellis, Gordon
    Ellis, Jeffrey
    Ells, John
    Ellis, Laurence
    Farley, Janet
    Farley, Jennifer
    Felt, William
    Fitzgerald, Bessie
    Francis, Keith
    Gens, Kenneth
    Giles, Frank
    Gilray, Jessica
    Green, Elwin
    Green, Marion
    Green, Merle
    Green, Robert
    Grimm, Bruce
    Gross, Robert
    Grover, Kenneth
    Hadley, Ralph
    Hallett, Claude
    Hallett, Gregory
    Hammond, Codi
    Harrington, Larry
    Harris, Steven
    Hill, Raymond
    Hillebert, Zachary
    Hodges, Merrill
    Jones, Ashley
    Kelly, Clarence
    Kelly, Thomas
    Kenney, John
    Killock, Robert
    Killock, Ronald
    Kota-Herman, Crystal
    Lindquist, Timothy
    Lucas, Jr., Robert
    Maynard, Justin
    McKay, David
    Merchant, Elton
    Merchant, Howard
    Milliman, Gaylord
    Milliman, Gerald
    Milliman, Lyle Robert
    Milliman, Merle
    Milliman, Perry
    Milspaw, Jeffrey
    Montiel, Jackdaleth
    Moore, James
    Moore, Russell
    Moskal, Michael
    Nagel, Art
    Nagel, Richard
    Neail, Charity
    Newberry, Robert
    Nobles, Norrie
    Nobles, Roy
    Nobles, Zachary
    Pasinski, Brian
    Pasinski, Tiffany
    Rettig, Rick
    Reynolds, Cindy
    Reynolds, Jason
    Reynolds, Jeffrey
    Reynolds, Michael
    Roe-Jordan, Bryana
    Sheldon, David
    Sheldon, Thomas
    Sheldon, Timothy
    Sheldon, William
    Sherman, Lee
    Silleman, Harley
    Smith-Weaver, Leona
    Snyder, Dale
    Snyder, David
    Stoddard, Junius
    Szymanski, August
    Treusch, James
    Ward-Hammond, Kari
    Weaver, Jeremy
    Weaver, Jon
    Weaver, Timothy
    Zollinger, Erika
    Zynda, Robert  (Zeke)