2023-2024 Scheduling

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    We are about to begin our scheduling process with you all! Its time for you to think about your graduation pathway and what courses that requires you to take next year. You will find our Curriculum Guide below. This guide will tell you about graduation pathways, curriculum options and policies, as well as course descriptions and department pathways. It would be wise for you to review this FIRST.

    After you review the curriculum guide, you can log into your PowerSchool student account (HERE), then navigate to the “Class Registration” item. This screen will break down your course categories and class choices. Some classes may already be selected for you. Click on the pencil button next to each category and choose your class. There will be information on the screens to guide you. If you cannot select a course, the reason could be that you don’t meet the pre-requisites (which means you haven’t completed the courses required prior to that class). There will be course categories that you must make a selection from and others that are optional selections. Again, it is important to read the text under each course category for specific selection information.

    You must select a set amount of credits, and they will be totaled at the bottom of your screen. It will not let you submit the requests if this number is not met, so review your categories if you get an error message. DON’T FORGET to hit the submit button on the bottom of the screen! Your choices will not be final nor submitted until that button is clicked.

    Good luck, make wise and challenging choices, and stop down with your device if you get stuck somewhere. We are always here to help!

    Our Curriculum Guide (which is below) includes all our course offerings with descriptions and graduation requirements, etc.

    You can use the Course Selection Sheet (also below) to mark off which courses you are interested in taking next year.

    If you have any questions, please contact our office or your student's counselor specifically.

Last Modified on January 12, 2023